Additional Information

Bridget Warren is dedicated to providing a well-rounded curriculum specific to the needs of her students. Students can expect to perform in regular recitals and receive any of the following services:

• Professionally produced screening CD’s or MP4’s for auditions and summer programs.

• Preparing high school students for college auditions in piano performance and music education.

• Producing solo CD projects for ages 6 and up.

• Preparation for solo piano competitions.

• Preparation for accompanying other musicians.

• Mentoring, advising and monitoring K-12 projects.


Students are responsible for purchasing piano books through the Pasadena Performance Center. 


Bridget Warren began piano lessons at age 7. At 16, she taught voice and piano at a local music store and was later accepted at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She received the Vocal Faculty Award and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance and Masters Degree in Music Education. Upon graduation, she was accepted as a student performer of the Bel Canto Institute program in Florence Italy. She currently owns the Pasadena Performance Center in Pasadena, TX, is President of the Warren Youth Singers Community Choir, and is the Head Choir Director at Melillo Middle School in Houston, TX.

Mezzo-Soprano, Bridget Warren is a versatile artist who represents a broad and diverse repertoire that ranges from standard classical to popular works. She has performed in the Random Act of Culture events by the Opera Company of Philadelphia and as a soloist for St. John’s the Evangelist Church in Philadelphia and for the Bel Canto Institute Summer Program 2013 located in Florence, Italy. 

Musical and Dramatic Experience: Peter Nero and the Philly Pops 2012, Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts Summer Program, and the University of the Arts Chorus collaboration concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Her vocal awards and honors received include the UArts Vocal Faculty Award, Adolf and Geraldine Paier Scholarship, and Bel Canto Institute Scholarship. Her past vocal teachers were opera singers, Paul Spencer Adkins and Reginald Pindell.

Payment & Lesson Policies


All lessons are once a week and must be paid for at the first lesson of each month. Vocal lessons can be combined with piano lessons.

($20 for half hour; $40 for hour)

2. Missed lessons can be made-up within 7 days from missed date. 

3. If a scheduled make-up lesson is missed or is not made up within 7 days, a second one cannot be scheduled. 

4. If lessons are not cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson, no make-up will be offered.

5. The monthly payment will be reduced if notice of planned vacations is given by the first of the month.

6. Lesson policies will be enforced throughout the entire year.

7. Family members are permitted to wait for the student in the performance space.

8. If a check is returned by the bank, the parents of the student or the adult student will be charged the bank fee.

9. If lessons are terminated before the end of the month, payment will not be reimbursed.

10.  If payment is not received within thirty (30) days of the first lesson of the month, the regularly scheduled lesson times will be forfeited and assigned to the next student on the waiting list. 

11.  Please notify me of any health problems that I should be aware of and whom to notify in case of an emergency.

12.  Each student is required to perform in the regularly scheduled Pasadena Performance Center Recital. There will be a recital fee of $10 added to the bill to cover expenses and rehearsals for the recital. A minimum of two rehearsals must be attended by each student. If the student does not attend the third rehearsal (dress rehearsal), a decision will be made regarding the student’s readiness to perform.

Please contact if you have any questions.