If you’ve spent any time on the periphery of the DDPY community, chances are you’ve heard story after story about amazing transformations from people who began to OWN THEIR LIVES and get themselves in tremendous shape. People who have healed their bodies from major injury, people who have lost incredible amounts of weight, people who have changed their attitude towards health and fitness … people who have become Positively Unstoppable!

Here’s your chance to make some real strides towards those goals you’ve been keeping in the back of your mind.  Its time now … write those goals down … don’t just think it, INK IT … and join us Saturdays starting June 1st to begin your journey to CRUSHING them!

Sometimes it seems as if everybody has goals … but how do you track them? How do you stay on target? Where do you find support? Where do you find proof-positive that your hard work is paying off?

Right here!

YOU have the opportunity to take part in a very special small group DDPY Bootcamp Burn program … that has spearheaded success story after success story! This program is tailored to give you the absolute most BANG for your buck. 



Over the course of five sessions we will restore strength, flexibility and (most importantly) positivity to your journey! We will conduct brief interviews with each of you, take a new set of DDP Yoga recommended starting and finishing photos, take Muscle Quality and Body Fat measurements via state-of-the-art Skulpt utility and we will burn mass calories! You will receive personal attention at a cost that is only a fraction of what typical personal training / small group training normally costs. 



 We will meet weekly each Saturday in June at 8am at the Pasadena Performance Center, 2517-A Strawberry Rd, Pasadena TX. Price for the entire Bootcamp Burn is only $40 … that’s just $8 per session!

Register Now by clicking here.